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Pet Care from LakeCountyPets.com

Get the best care for your pets through the following Lake County pet care directory:

Medical Care  
Babysitting / Home Care   Pet Classes

Do you know of a great pet care service available in Lake County that is not listed? Please, let us know. Contact Us to update an existing listing or to post a new listing.

Medical Care

  Animal Hospital of Lake County:  

vets: Carroll Eagle
phone: 995-1138
physical address:
14360 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake

  Clearlake Veterinary Clinic:   vets: Debra S. Sally & Hanako Winnacker
phone: 994-9100
physical address:
3424 Emerson St. Clearlake, CA 95422

  Main Street Vet:  

vets: Lisa Takesue, Paul Rumsey, Harold Tice & Coral Ashby
phone: 263-6232
physical address:
2530 South Main Street, Lakeport

  Middletown Animal Hospital:  

vets: Jeffery J. Smith & Lisa A. Hofmann
phone: 987-2000
physical address:
21503 Highway 29, Middletown

  Northlake Veterinary Clinic:  

vets: Tim Strong
phone: 263-8100
physical address:
1351 Crystal Lake Way, Lakeport

  Wasson Memorial Veterinary Hospital:  

vets: Susan A. Cannon, Ralph H. Lewis, & Chris S. Holmes
phone: 263-5380
physical address: 3083 Highway 175, Lakeport

office hours: mon-sat, 8am - 5:30pm

Grooming and Board

  Clear Lake Kennels:  

phone: 994-5241
physical address:
2150 Ogulin Canyon Road, Clearlake


phone: ?
physical address: Kit's Corner, Kelseyville

  Jaylor Kennel:  

phone: 279-1624
physical address: 2660 Hummel Lane, Kelseyville

  Kris' Groomery:  

phone: 279-1822
physical address: 3737 Main Street, Kelseyville

  Lake County Dog Grooming:  

phone: 279-9272
physical address: 7990 Highway 29, Kelseyville

  Pampered Pooch:  

phone: 994-0113
physical address:
14420 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake

  Paw Wash:  

phone: 995-3215
physical address:
Paw Wash 14875 #3 Olympic Dr.,

  Pet County Grooming:  

phone: 263-7152
physical address:
1170 North Main Street, Lakeport

  Tailwaggers Grooming:  

phone: 262-1758
mailing address: 1573 Martin Street, Lakeport

Babysitting / Home Care

  Peg's Pet Care:  

contact: Peg Loren
info: Licensed and insured, free est.
services: feeding, walking, daily visits, mail and paper collection, house security, and plant watering

Pet Classes

  Lake County Kennel Club:  

phone: 279-2490
mailing address: 99
27 Soda Bay Road Kelseyville


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